10 Steps To Replace A Car Windscreen

You must first buy a new front part from an original parts dealer and also from a reputable distributor in the market whose glass meets the safety standards of car manufacturers. It is important to make sure that the purchased front part has no defects, buying second-hand glass can be risky because the defects are difficult to see with the untrained eye.

If you have already purchased a new windscreen, you must prepare it for installation. You must first clean the windshield with a window cleaner and make sure that the black ceramic exterior is free of dirt, dust and grease. Next, you will need to coat the black ceramic with a special urethane primer that you will use to install the windshield with a lint-free cloth. When you are ready, do not touch the area with your hands, as the oil from your fingers will affect the urethane by properly connecting it to the glass.

After cleaning and priming the windscreen, you must now adjust the correct glass molds and wear a pair of powder-free latex gloves. The rear-view mirror is then detached from the car and attached to the mirror button, which is glued to a new front window for two-piece glue.

Remove the current windscreen from the car. To do this, first remove all surrounding molds in the lower pressure chamber and windshield wipers. Once all the molds have been removed, you will need to use a cold knife also known as a “pull knife” to cut the existing urethane joint at the top and both sides of the windscreen. Once the glass-urethane bond is cut, use an olfa knife or BTB knife to cut the bottom of the urethane glass when they are in the car.

Once the connection between the windscreen and the car is broken, connect the windscreen using suction cups and preferably two people, as the windscreen is heavier than it seems. After removal, cut the old urethane from the car body with a sharp knife, such as an olfa or BTB knife, so that 1-2 mm of urethane remains on the body.

Clean the top of the car to remove all dust, dirt and grease, and then apply a black urethane body-specific primer to the body surface to remove any scratches and exposed metal surfaces. the face will be covered as it will prevent corrosion of the body. STEP 7:
Using a large sealing gun, apply certified automotive urethane to the surface of the primary glass and ensure that the bezel remains the same length around the perimeter of the windscreen without holes.

Place the suction pumps on the outside of the windscreen and, with the help of two people, place the windscreen in the correct position of the car to ensure good contact between the body surface and the urethane. Once in the correct position, hold the entire windscreen slightly and place the tape from the windscreen to the roof of the car to stop unnecessary movement.

Connect all necessary strips, the pressure chamber and the windscreen wiper on the car and clean the outside of the windscreen. Close one of the door drains before closing, as the pressure when closing the car door will affect the unhealed urethane, as it is the weakest point in the repair and may leave a hole in the air pressure seal.

STEP 10:
Wait for the approved driving time for the specific urethane used (usually one hour) Remove the windshield carrier tape, then stand up and turn off the newly installed windscreen.

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