Should You Avoid Gemstone Engagement rings?

Gemstone engagement rings are turning out to be increasingly more well known because of their interesting style, huge size, and lower cost. Nonetheless, on the grounds that all gemstones have various degrees of hardness, not all gemstones are great engagement ring focus stones. As such, it’s essential to know which gemstones will face your coexistence, and which gemstones might break effectively during ordinary wear. To comprehend this, we should discuss the Mohs Hardness Scale, and what your regular routine resembles.

What is a Gemstone Engagement Ring?

A gemstone engagement ring is a sort of engagement ring that has a non-diamond focus stone. Frequently planned utilizing conventional engagement settings like solitaires, coronas, and three-stones, a few couples pick less customary settings to hold their less conventional focus stone. Normal gemstone decisions incorporate Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby. Sea blue engagement rings, Morganite engagement rings, Tanzanite engagement rings, Opal engagement rings, and Amethyst engagement rings are acquiring prevalence as well. Be that as it may, a portion of these stones won’t face everyday wear.

What are the Dangers and Advantages?

There are many advantages to picking a gemstone engagement ring, including character, uniqueness, and cost. Learning the dangers related with picking a gemstone over a diamond will assist couples with better caring for their gemstone engagement ring, and feel positive about their decision.


  • Fun, bright articulation
  • Lower cost
  • Greater sizes and more shapes

Couples pick gemstone engagement rings for some reasons. A like to communicate their thoughts in variety. A radiant red ruby engagement ring says enthusiasm. A dim blue sapphire engagement ring represents dependability. Couples love sensational oranges and pinks, and cool new greens. Gemstones are exuberant!

One more motivation to consider a gemstone engagement ring is cost. Contingent on the stone, size, and variety, gemstones are in many cases a negligible portion of the expense of a comparably estimated diamond. Thus, couples picking a gemstone engagement ring can frequently bear the cost of a bigger focus stone in gemstone than in diamond.

Discussing size, a huge number routinely fill in enormous gems. Subsequently, a large number are accessible in sizes and shapes that diamond isn’t. In this way, couples have the chance to pick huge, extravagant shapes for their unique ring.


  • Lower hardness
  • Trouble supplanting precise stone

While there are many advantages to gemstone engagement rings, there are dangers to consider before buy as well. Since gemstones are not quite so hard as diamond, gemstone engagement rings might scratch or chip all the more without any problem. Couples can safeguard against this by picking a hard gemstone, and by planning a defensive setting.

One more issue to know about is that gemstones’ novel tones and shapes can be more challenging to supplant in case of misfortune or breakage. Since gemstones are in many cases cut in less standard shapes than diamonds, couples might make some harder memories tracking down the specific estimations of their unique stone. In like manner, as gemstone tone is so remarkable – consider every one of the different shades of “blue” at the paint store – finding the specific variety you initially had can be extreme. Couples can safeguard themselves by having a gemologist evaluate and variety grade their gemstone so they have a careful record.

Might it be said that they are adequately strong?

A few gemstones are – and some aren’t. One reason you’ll hear a “diamond is until the end of time” is on the grounds that diamonds are a 10/10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This implies that diamond is (in a real sense) the hardest substance known to man. There isn’t anything that can scratch at diamond aside from, you got it, another diamond or diamond rings. Non-diamond gemstones are not as hard. Nonetheless, nor is the glass on your vehicle’s windshield, the screen on your iPhone, or the table you’re sitting at this moment. As such, there’s still some really strong stuff out there. We should discuss how hard a pearl should be to confront day to day wear.